Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scrapbook page ideas

I'm always looking for pages ideas. Here's a list from another blog. Maybe it will help you, too...

My childhood Best Friend.
Clothing styles when I was 16.
We went camping....
A typical Saturday for me.
My very first memory
A weekend at grandma's house
My favorite road trip
The first time I kissed a boy
Going to the county fair.
Christmas as a kid
My childhood house
My favorite home as an adult
When I got engaged..
What we did all summer.
If I had a day all to myself.
Visiting a foreign country
My hairstyles.
The first time I sewed...
Christmas as a mom.
Reading books to my kids.
My wedding day.
Foods I love.
Foods I hate.
When I was 12....
Childhood pet.
Sports I can play.
I cried.
5 things I wish I'd done, but I was too scared to.
the first time I voted.
our childhood car.
I lied.
A trip to the beach.
I was in the school play.
Hidden talents.
songs I still have memorized.
the price of food from a grocery store.
Someone I love passed away.
My baby was born.

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