Saturday, October 16, 2010

3rd Crop!

I really think I'm addicted. LOL I went to my 3rd crop last night, another 12 hour version. Managed to make six 12 x 12 pages (including pictures), and 21 of 22 - 8 x 8 pages (excluding pictures). The smaller pages are for a puppy book I want to make of our two dogs, Buddy & Chelsey. I PROMISE to post lots of pictures real soon of what I've made in the 3 crops, before my next crop which is a two day crop. Starts at noon and goes until supper the next day. There are a group of us renting a conference room at a local hotel, and just cropping. So, by then I really need to have lots of stuff ready to go.

Friday, October 1, 2010

From This to This #1

I've decided to see how many examples I can come up with of using one item to create another. Maybe the pictures here will help!  I took Martha Stewart's Iron Fence punch (top: halloween inspired), and simply cut off the bats to make a year-round fence (bottom).