Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cricut Cart Pictures

I've been collecting Cricut cartridges and was pondering how to keep track of which pics are in which cartridge. The black & white pics in the book didn't give me enough. I went to to ask how to do this when I saw a post by PattyGolden. She has created a PDF file for many of the cartridges on the market, with 6 colored pics on each PDF page (or 9 pages that hold about 50 pics). You can print them off as is, or back to back, which is what I did. I put the pages in sheet protectors and into a 2" binder. I didn't have enough page protectors, will get more later, but my estimate is that you can get pics for 50 carts in a 2" binder. I have 49.

The link to her PDF files is here

Enjoy! Here's a pic of what my book looks like. :)