Monday, April 18, 2011

17 Hour Crop!

My local scrapbook store had a 17 hour crop beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday morning (April 16), and ending at 1 a.m. Sunday morning (April 17). I didn't make it the whole time. I left about 9 p.m., after hitting a creative block. I couldn't think of one more thing to do with the projects I had brought along. I had made twenty-two 8" x 8" pages, at another crop, for a puppy book featuring my dogs Buddy & Chelsey. When I told Wayne about the pages, he asked me to make him a book, too. So I somewhat recreated those pages for a book for him. I was missing some of the papers and embellishments, but substituted items I did have. I turned out well, I think. I couldn't look at another puppy page once his book was done, so I went over to my son's 8" x 8" Logan High School book, and worked on that. Got a portion of that done.

Anyway, here are the pages from Wayne's puppy book. I may add some more journalling and embellishments before giving it to him.

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It begins with Buddy. He loved posing for pictures. Wayne in 1986.
Buddy loved having his tummy rubbed. Like the family pic?
Buddy loved sitting in our laps, even when he was this big.
He was a smart puppy - He was looking at his Christmas stocking.
Such a tired puppy! 
Buddy always wanted to be in the middle of everything, especially when the kids were involved.
Here was a wrestling session with dad.
Buddy loved his treats, but especially liked to chew on the 1" slice of tree trunk we removed from our Christmas tree each year.
Just a casual stroll around the yard. 
Three more pics of Buddy.
He was a Beagle and Brittany Spaniel mix.
Chelsey loved her squeaky toys & pillow.
She would watch at the window or door for the kids, or dad to come home.
Another pose of her looking out the window.
Chelsey was a Beagle German Shepherd mix.
Playing with Wendy as Andrew looked on.
Taking a break.
When she wasn't getting enough attention, Chelsey loved to grab a pillow from the couch and run.
She'd get behind the dining room table, and growl at us if we'd try to take it back.
So tired after Christmas Day gift opening.
Another pose on her pillow.
With Dad and Alora.