Thursday, October 29, 2009

Really big project!

Yesterday, after the women's Bible study, the director came down to my office to talk to me about the Advent Event on Dec. 2. She showed me the invitation cover. It has a coin purse with coins spilling out, and paper dollars and the words, 'The Cost of Christmas." It won't be about what Christmas will cost us in a monetary sense. It will be about what it cost those who lived through it, and what it costs us spiritually today.

She asked me to come up with an idea for the celebration favors. She wants something that has coins on or in it, and preferably can hang on the Christmas tree as a reminder. I thought and thought last night, and even surfed the web after work. I couldn't come up with a thing. So, I just let it go and went to bed.

This morning I woke up to a thought that just may work. How about a purse that has chocolate coins in it? I brought my Cricut to work with me, and diecut a 4" and a 4 1/2" purse. If you have the cartridge "Tags, Bags, Boxes & More" check out page 118. I made the prototypes in a lime green cardstock, which is what I had here to use. But I would like to make the actual purses out of Christmas cardstock that had small Christmas patterns on it. I figure I can get 4 from each 12 x 12" sheet of paper. Still need to figure a way to close them temporarily. Would add some ribbon for the handle (hanger), and maybe some bling to the flap. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Tell me what you think of the whole idea.

Change in plans: After writing this the director called and said she loved the samples, wants them in the larger size in Christmas red with gold metallic handles, glitz on the flap and no closure. And, get this, I'll be making 140, yes, 140. {{sigh}} When I get the red sample made, I'll add the picture.

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